Success Stories

Successful pilot of last-mile
delivery in Twin-Cities
Islamabad and Rawalpindi.


Success Stories

Successful pilot of last-mile
delivery in Twin-Cities
Islamabad and Rawalpindi.


4,045 + DFPO BRANCHES established in 300 + cities and towns of Pakistan

4,045 + DFPO BRANCHES established in 300 + cities and towns of Pakistan

Digital Franchise Post Office

Pakistan Post has introduced the Digital Franchise Post Office (DFPO) Program that enables aspiring entrepreneurs to set up and operate a safe, profitable and respectable business of their own.
These Digital Franchise Post Offices are equipped with latest technology and offer a variety of products and services.

Products And Services

Registered Letters and Parcels
International Mail and Parcels (EMS)
Urgent Mail Service (UMS)
Postage Stamps and Stationary
Money Order

Value-Added Services

DFPO Features

The Digital Franchise Post Offices are the modern face of Pakistan Post. From exterior branding to furniture and digital devices, the DFPOs aim to uplift the brand image of Pakistan Post. All these locations are equipped with tools and technology to offer premium postal services to customers as well as a seamless experience regardless of the locality or size of the franchise.


Quality of Service

Our technology and trained staff is there to ensure service quality at par with modern private courier services at much lower prices.

Mail Transport

PPFLD facilitates all Digital Franchise Post Offices for transporting the articles (mail and parcels) to the sorting facilities in their respective cities. The mail pickup is done through a digital platform (computer-aided dispatch or CAD).

Digital Booking

Each of our Digital Franchise Post Offices operate a single ubiquitous digital booking platform and make use of the barcode labels to identify, track and bill the customers for the respective postal service. Existing postal system offers a mix of manual and digital booking whereas DFPOs shall use uniform booking system.


As part of our commitment towards improved postal services through DFPOs, sorting of mail and articles booked from DFPOs is done by PPFLD through a modern sorting process. This provides increased efficiency in delivery as well as helps with tracking of articles at each hop during the article journey.

Track & Trace

As the entire DFPO network is equipped with a digital booking platform and mail is handled and sorted by dedicated staff and technology-driven processes. This ensures an effective track & trace facility on all articles booked from DFPOs and customers enjoy peace of mind by having complete visibility of their articles at each step throughout the article journey.

Value-Added Products & Services

In line with our vision to make it a profitable venture for franchisees, PPFLD and Pakistan Post have extended the portfolio of products and services offered through the DFPO locations. This enables our franchisees to not only offer Pakistan Post’s services, but a host of other products and services such as WOW Health Services (Online doctor consultation, Health Insurance), Mobilink Bank account opening, sale of stationery & confectionary, mobile top-up, revenue stamps, and challans, fee collection, as well as any other product/service carrying potential in the given locality.

Starter Kit

  • Laptop
  • All in one Printer
  • Thermal Receipt Printer
  • Barcode Scanner
  • Biometric Fingerprint Scanner
  • Internet Device
  • Digital Weight Scale
  • Counter Table (Branded)
  • Chair
  • Branding Material
  • Signage (Indoor & Outdoor)

Pakistan Post

Pakistan Post is the National Postal Service of Pakistan. It currently serves the nation by providing cost-effective postal, courier, and financial services through a massive nationwide infrastructure of over 12,000 locations.
Pakistan Post has its presence in each city, town, and locality of the country and has its outreach to the entire population.

PPF Logistics Division

The inception of PPF Logistics Division (PPFLD) is based on the idea to equip Pakistan Post Foundation with technology platforms and tools to offer top-notch logistics and transport services to its customers.
PPFLD is working as a process modernizing and business operations arm of Pakistan Post Foundation.

Media Coverage

DFPO Control Room

Central Punjab Circle
KPK Circle
Karachi + Hyderabad Circle
Rawalpindi Circle
Quetta Circle + Complaint Receiving
Islamabad Circle
AJK Circle
Multan Circle

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